5x5 Call For Art Submission Guidelines

Hello to Past and Future Art Contributors!

The Depot will once again host its annual opening art event called "The 5X5" on May 14, 2021.  Last year, in the midst of the early months of the pandemic, at least 55 established, mid-career and emerging artists created original 5” X 5” art for the event that was held online for the first time. The event was a huge success, and we are hoping you will join us to make this year’s even better!

We look forward to having another successful event this year, but can’t do it without your artistic contributions that are so very much appreciated. 

Please see below detailed information on our event as well as a list of FAQ’s.  In the meantime, use these few weeks to unleash your creativity to create a work of art for The Depot and to sparkle at our annual event!

Call For Art! 

5x5 Online– May 14, 2021

The Depot Museum and Art Gallery will host the Fourth Annual 5x5 at the Depot” on Friday May 14th.  Like last year, this event will be held ONLINE ONLY due to continuing Covid-19 concerns. With this annual event we seek to:

  • Give artists exposure and an opportunity to exhibit an example of their work.
  • Offer affordable, original art to encourage everyone to collect and display original art in his or her homes and workspaces.
  • Raise critical funds to support: preserving the Depot as a historic landmark; collecting, archiving, and exhibiting regional history; creating opportunities for regional artists to exhibit their work, and enriching the lives of regional residents and visitors by hosting gallery receptions.
Previous events helped fund the design, purchase, and installment of a new sign for the building and provided funding for historical projects such as The Heritage Trail. 


Guidelines for Artists

To participate in this exhibit, we ask artists to donate one (or more) works of original art.

  • Artists may work in any medium, and do not have to use a 5x5 canvas. The work must be able to hang on the wall with a finished dimension of 5” in height, 5” in width, and not exceed 5” in depth. 
  • The Depot will provide 5x5 canvases and/or 5x5 frames for participating artists, while supplies last. Canvases or frames will be available for participating artists March 1, 2021 and may be picked up at Glen L Firme & Associates Art Supply, 92 US-12, Beverly Shores.  Note: You do not have to use our canvas or frame. You may also submit more than one work of art.
  • Unlike in past years, this year WE WILL NOT TAKE POSSESSION OF THE ART UNTIL IT’S SOLD. Please provide a clear photograph of your work of art for us to post on our site.  Make sure that your photo is taken on a white background and that it’s taken with an overhead view so it’s perfectly square.  If the art extends on the sides, photograph the sides as well because we can show multiple photos of your art.  Send your image to: Nancy Schwab at nancy@sassafrasenterprises.com.
  • Artists must firmly attach a label with their contact information (name, email, and telephone number) on the back of each piece.
  • We will notify you on May15th if your work is sold after which time it should be dropped off at Glen L Firme & Associates Art Supply by Friday, June 11th. Note that the Firme Gallery is closed on Sundays.  Buyers will be instructed to pick up the artwork on June 12th and 13th.  Note: the event will keep selling art through June 6th so check the site to see if your work sold after opening night and, if so, please drop it off at Leo Firme Gallery
  • Donated work becomes the property of the Depot Museum and Art Gallery. The Depot may use the art donated by artists in promotions for the event. 
  • Work may be disqualified if the guidelines are not met.


DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION:   Sunday, May 9, 2021. 


THANK YOU for supporting the Depot Museum and Art Gallery, a 501c-3 not-for-profit organization.