Call to Mural Artists

In celebration of the new rail line that is sure to increase commuter traffic coming through town and in honor of Beverly Shores’ 75th anniversary, we thought it was the perfect time to give our town a facelift. The Virks, owners of the Dunes Mart, have graciously agreed to let us paint a new mural on the back of the store. The new mural, coupled with the new train track, is a huge reset button for Our Town and a greeting to all who ride the South Shore that Beverly Shores is, indeed, someplace special.

With the mess and dust and activity in the area, we thought it best to paint the mural after the work is completed and the weather has warmed up.

We are reaching out to mural artists who may be interested in this project to submit a rendering to The Depot board by Feb. 1 with painting to commence in May (weather dependent).  Costs of materials will be covered and artists will donate their time and talent with appropriate credit given.

We appreciate your time and your consideration to participate in this project.  What an exciting opportunity for both the town and the selected artist to showcase their best!

General Information:

  • Mural must reflect an attribute(s) of the town such as its location on Lake Michigan, its beaches, marsh, wooded areas, architecture, birds, and/or flora and fauna.
  • Please include the date of the town’s incorporation (1947).
  • Artist does not have to live in Beverly Shores.
  • Artist is donating their talent, time and artwork as well as painting the mural itself.  Assistance is allowed and we will also assist where appropriate.
  • All relevant material costs will be covered through sponsorships. 


  • Must be proportionate to the wall dimensions of 43’ L x 13’ H.
  • Do not submit a rendering larger than 20” wide.
  • Rendering must be in full color and can be painted or colored in any medium, including digitally.


  • Deadline for submission of application (click to download): November 1, 2022
  • Deadline for submission of rendering: February 1, 2023
  • Decisions by the Depot Board will be made by March 1, 2023
  • Painting to commence in late May, weather dependent

Mail application by November 1 and rendering by February 1 to:

The Beverly Shores Museum & Art Gallery
PO Box 305
Beverly Shores, IN. 46301

You may also make other arrangements to drop off your artwork by emailing