Dale Nichols - Maple and Walnut with Purpleheart Frame Chessboard. MADE TO ORDER!

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Dale Nichols is a retired attorney who, with his wife Nancy, resides full time in Beverly Shores. He enjoys volunteering his time and talents to benefit local environmental and community organizations and finds satisfaction in pursuing various creative interests, including music and woodworking.  
This beautiful chessboard, expertly crated by Dale, is a handsome gift and beautiful piece to leave out on a game or coffee table.   Pair it with chess pieces, readily available online, and enjoy a chess game while sheltering indoors.  This is a perfect time to enjoy The Queen's Gambit and learn to play!
Checkers sold separately on our website.


Measures 16.5" X 16.5" X 1"

Material: Hard maple and walnut with purpleheart wood trim.