Mugs - Changing Color Birds on a Wire

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Beverly Shores is a Bird Town Indiana, so this mug is a perfect piece for your home or as a gift for the bird-lover in your family.  Watch the birds on a wire explode in color as they warm from your hot beverage.  And as a bonus, the bottom of the mug identifies each bird depicted on the mug.

Each mug features the following birds:

American Goldfinch
American Kestrel
American Robin
Barn Swallow 
Carmine Bee-Eater 
Eastern Towhee 
Green Catbird
Indigo Bunting 
King Parrot
Northern Mockingbird
Purple Finch 
Red and Yellow Barbet
Red Whiskered Bulbul 
Scissortail Flycatcher  
Tree Swallow
Vermillion Flycatcher 
Whiskered Treeswift 
White-throated Sparrow 

Holds 12 ounces

Packaged in a colorful gift box