Carolyn Beard Whitlow - Sahara Framed Art Quilt

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Carolyn Beard Whitlow is a renowned fiber artist whose quilt works have been selected for juried shows across the country.  She earned her MFA in poetry from Brown University, became a college professor and authored three books of poetry.  Her poems live through her fiber art, as each quilt develops organically without a preset pattern. Like a poem, each quilt is imagistic and metaphorical, open for interpretation.

This beautiful work of art is matted and framed under glass. Its name,  Sahara,  radiates heat with its fire reds and intense oranges; it's so hot the sun seems to double. Is that an oasis or a mirage? A one-of-a-kind creation signed by the artist.  


Measures 14 x 14 framed.  The back of the frame is finished and wired for easy hanging.