Puzzle Jazz - GROOVY GRIDS - Album #1

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This PUZZLE JAZZ Album introduces a game called GROOVY GRIDS.

For each Track you are given a master list of words to be filled in to a series of grids that follow. For example, in Track 1 there are 24 words and 6 grids (lettered A through F). The letters needed to form the words for each grid are provided in alphabetical order. Your job is to unscramble the letters and fill in the grids so that each word in the master list is used once.

There are 10 puzzles in this Album. The words in the Tracks 1-5 (which are all named SCRAMBLED EGGS) are the names of birds from around the world, and the words in Tracks 6- 10 (which are all named CASKS & KEGS) are all related to the world of beers, wines and spirits. The puzzles come in three levels of difficulty: SMOOTH (easiest), SWING (intermediate) and JAZZ MASTER (most difficult). Solutions follow the puzzles.