Books - Notre Dame and the Civil War - Jim Schmidt

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While many institutions of higher education made great sacrifices during the Civil War, few can boast of the dedication and effort made by the University of Notre Dame. For four years, Notre Dame gave freely of its faculty and students as soldiers, sent its Holy Cross priests to the camps and battlefields as chaplains and dispatched its sisters to the hospitals as nurses. Though far from the battlefields, the war was ever-present on campus, as Notre Dame witnessed fisticuffs among the student body, provided a home to the children of a famous general, responded to political harassment and tried to keep at least some of its community from the fray. At war's end, a proud Notre Dame welcomed back several bona fide war heroes and became home to a unique veterans' organization.

A chemist by education and profession, Jim Schmidt is currently employed as a pharmaceutical research scientist near Houston, Texas. Jim has had a lifelong interest in history and has written more than fifty articles for the Civil War News and North & South, World War II, Learning Through History and Chemical Heritage magazines. He is the author of two previous books on the American Civil War and has given presentations on history to groups across the Midwest and mid-Atlantic. Jim Schmidt is an active member of the Woodlands (TX) Civil War Round Table and the National Museum of Civil War Medicine.

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