Sassafras - Superstone La Cloche® - Gray

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In these very odd and unusual times, we are doing all sorts of things that perhaps we always wanted to do, or things that  never dreamed we'd do.  Bread-baking may just be one of those things that you never thought about, but now you've nailed a sourdough starter and are ready to take your bread-baking to the next level!

Enter The Superstone La Cloche®.  The Superstone La Cloche® mimics a professional brick-lined oven right in your own kitchen to make an artisan, country bread loaf. Well-known bakers in the US 

superstone® stoneware material heats evenly, producing a perfectly browned bread crust. the unglazed interior pulls moisture from the dough, producing a bread with a crackly crust and light interior crumb just like breads from your favorite artisan bakery! 

also great for roasting potatoes with a fluffy light interior and crispy skin. many baking cookbooks recommend the sassafras superstone® la cloche® because of its superior performance. use the la cloche® base as a pie plate or deep-dish pizza baker! the unglazed interior produces a light and flaky pie crust and a perfectly textured pizza crust.

you won’t be disappointed with the original and best la cloche® bread baker, lauded by the finest bakers everywhere!

base (interior):  10.5”d x 1.5”h
dome:(interior):  10.25” d x 5”h
overall (exterior):  12” d x 8.5”h with handle