Dale K. Nichols - Shades of Darkness and Light

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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Welcome to this, my first published book of poetry.  I took up the art of writing a little over a year ago, rather late in life, as a creative outlet to help fill the void left behind a 38 year career in the practice of law.  

I guess I am what you could call an “observant poet,” in that much of my writing seeks to capture and put into words the images I perceive in the world around me.  My personal feelings, when expressed, are more often phrased as personal or societal admonitions or encouragements than as heartfelt sentiment.  

Accordingly, many of the poems that follow are about the human condition, balanced by others about nature, with a fair amount of whimsy thrown in for good measure.  Each poem in its own way was a labor of love.  I hope you enjoy reading this collection as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I welcome your feedback as I continue striving to improve my craft.

 I would like to offer special thanks to my friend and talented artist Shafali Anand, for her beautiful cover illustration and for her pen and ink drawing that was the inspiration for “A Bridled Horse;” to my sister Cindy for her helpful editorial suggestions and occasional thoughts on word choice; and to my loving wife, Nancy, for her steadying influences and unwavering support.  I deeply appreciate all of them and their valuable contributions to this work.

 Dale K. Nichols

Beverly Shores, Indiana

Dale's tremendous talent is reflected in his first published book of poetry.  Ever clever, disarming, insightful, and of course, poetic, Dale's work will not only entertain and amuse, but offer food for thought.  You might especially enjoy the pieces written about nature in Beverly Shores.  


89 pages/73 poems

5.5" x 8.5"



Just one sample of Dale's poetry included in the book:

Bonded by Blood

bonded by blood

one to another

thicker than water

sisters and brother


of the same seed

planted and sown

in the same household

fostered and grown


different choices

different lives

different husbands

different wives


each with families

of their own

all with children

also grown


living now

in different states

scarcer are

their life updates


but what they share

can never be severed

binding the three

together forever



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