5x5 Frequently Asked Questions

 What is 5x5 at the Depot?

  • 5x5 at the Depot is a fund raising event. Artists donate a 5" x 5" work of art that is displayed in the gallery.  On the opening evening of the event, the doors open and patrons are able to buy a piece of art for $55.00 The proceeds from the sale of artwork provides critical funding for the Depot. 

Where does the Depot get the art they offer at the 5x5?

  • The original artwork offered in 5x5 at the Depot has been donated by regional artists.

Where does the 5x5 take place?

  • This year the 5x5 at the Depot will take place at The Depot on Friday, May 3rd from 5:00 - 7:00 pm.  525 S Broadway in Beverly Shores, Indiana

When is the 5x5 at the Depot, Digital Edition?

  • 5x5 at the Depot, Digital Edition begins on Friday, May 3rd at 8:00 pm. Log in to www.bsdepot.com to purchase a 5x5 online.

How much is a 5x5?

  • Each 5x5 is offered at $55.00.

How can I buy a 5x5?

  • For the in person event: Pre-purchase a 5x5 sticker on bsdepot.com. At the event, give your name to receive your sticker. The sticker, with your number on it, will be affixed to the artwork you wish to purchase from the gallery. Artwork selection is first-come first-serve. You may also purchase a sticker on site during the event.
  • To purchase artwork online: Click on the 5x5 menu item online at: www.bsdepot.com and shop for the desired work of art you wish to purchase.

How do I pay for my 5x5? 

  • You can pay for the items in your shopping cart using a credit or debit card and pay for your 5x5 in person at the event.

When do I get my 5x5?

  • You may pick up your 5x5 on June 2nd or 3rd at The Depot. Sat: 10-5 or  Sun: 11-3.

What happens if I cannot come to pick up my 5x5?

  • The Depot can mail the 5x5 to you for a discounted $5.00 postage fee per piece. You will indicate your preference for shipping at check out.

Is there a limit to the number of 5x5s that I can buy?

  • There is no limit to the number of 5x5s that you can purchase. 

How long can my chosen 5x5 stay in my shopping cart? 

  • 5x5s remain in your shopping until purchased, however, if someone else purchases your chosen 5x5 before you do, it will be "out of stock" and removed from your shopping cart. 

What does the Depot do with the funds raised from the 5x5?

  • The Depot Museum and Art Gallery uses the proceeds from this fundraiser to support ongoing programming and our operations. One current project is the development of a Heritage Walking Trail in Beverly Shores and archiving historical articles photographs and memorabilia relevant to our town's history.