5x5 Frequently Asked Questions

 What is 5x5 at the Depot?

  • 5x5 at the Depot is a fund raising event. The proceeds from the sale of artwork provides critical funding for the Depot.

Where does the Depot get the art they offer at the 5x5?

  • The original artwork offered in 5x5 at the Depot has been donated by regional artists.

Where does the 5x5 take place?

  • This year 5x5 at the Depot will take place on the internet.

When is the 5x5 at the Depot, Digital Edition.

  • 5x5 at the Depot, Digital Edition begins on Friday May 14, 5 pm. Log in to www.bsdepot.com 

How much is a 5x5?

  • Each 5x5 is offered at $55.00.

How can I buy a 5x5?

How do I pay for my 5x5? 

  • You can pay for the items in your shopping cart using a credit of debit card.

When do I get my 5x5?

  • There will be a scheduled time for curbside pick-up at the Depot Museum and Art Gallery, 525 Broadway, Beverly Shores

What happens if I cannot come to pick up my 5x5?

  • The Depot can mail your 5x5s to you for a discounted $5.00 postage fee per item. You will indicate your preference for shipping at check out.

Is there a limit to the number of 5x5s that I can by?

  • There is no limit to the number of 5x5s that you can purchase. There is a limit of five 5x5s that you can have in your shopping cart at any one time.

How long can my chosen 5x5 stay in my shopping cart? 

  • 5x5s can remain in your shopping cart for up 5 minutes before they are returned to the catalogue inventory. That way everyone can have a fair opportunity to snag their desired artworks.

What does the Depot do with the funds raised from the 5x5?

  • The Depot Museum and Art Gallery uses the proceeds from this fund raiser to support ongoing programming. One current project is the development of a Heritage Walking Trail in Beverly Shores.