Mark Coleman - The Depot at Dusk

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Mark Coleman is a life long resident of the region and has been in the Duneland area for about 22 years. He supplied artwork for advertising studios in Chicago for most of his career. He has also enjoyed working with local businesses like Dig the Dunes and Beverly Shores Depot to supply them with art for local promotions like T-Shirts, murals and posters.

Mark was drawn to the iconic beauty of the Beverly Shores Depot while walking past the Depot at night with his chihuahua Molly. The depot's neon lights cast a warm glow around the depot creating an inviting aura welcoming passersby to rest at the two park benches stationed at the track side of the building. Mark thought, "Everyone should see this, in this light, it's kind of magical". This is the poster Mark decided to create to share with others and perhaps entice them to come check out the depot at night some time, themselves.  

Measures 18" X 24"