Mary Parks - Survived - Cold Wax

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We are all familiar with the lone tree standing tall against the ferocious waves of Lake Michigan.  A symbol of the valiant effort to restore the lakefront and guard our community from the ravages of erosion, it survived and, like a sentinel, reminds us of how we pulled together and can now enjoy the beauty and serenity of our treasured beaches. Mary Parks beautifully captures this spirit in her cold wax painting of the tree, entitled "Survived."

Painted in cold wax, Mary Parks captures the spirit of this tree in all its beauty.  With textured sand and the city in the distance, it's a beautiful piece to treasure in the years to come.

A word about cold wax painting:

Cold wax painting is any type of painting that heavily utilizes a cold wax medium into oil colors. It increases the flow and gloss of oil colors to varying degrees and makes oil colors thicker and more matte.  It does not require heat to melt the wax, but rather uses solvent which evaporates and quickly dries the material to the texture of beeswax.

This piece is painted on a wood surface

Measures 10" x 10" x 1.5"