Mary Parks - Happy When Skies Are Grey - signed print

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The secret visions in my artwork are inspired by nature. For surely the presence of its colors, shapes, forms, textures, patterns and spirit inspire magical properties that influence my composition and application. Whether the style, media or subject, my art is never the image itself but my humble reply to its glory.

Competitive, regal, and dignified, the egret imparts wisdom and confidence. 

The Indiana egret dwells in freshwater wetlands, lakes, ponds and marshes.
This elegant crested bird walks with its neck and long thin beak extended. Its wings huddled close to its body. In flight, it is graceful and buoyant with long neck tucked back against it shoulder while legs and tail trailing behind.
Stark white, the bird finds itself vivid against its background. Making the viewer ‘happy when skies are grey’.

Signed Archival Print (ed 25)

Measures 12" X 24"