Boo Lee Studio - Dog Bowl

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Your doggie may admire his food more than the bowl, but you can be assured that you'll adore this bowl made just for your small or medium - sized dog.

Boo Lee Studio designs, makes, and sells porcelain goods in Stevensville, Michigan, owned and operated by Sydney Taylor and SM Adams who met while studying ceramics in college and began collaborating on pottery in 2015. They're interested in creating durable, heirloom-quality work that evokes a timeless, original, and thoughtful design.

We formulate and mix our clay and glaze in-house, only incorporating premium quality ingredients.  Every batch that comes out of our kilns is carefully examined to assure full vitrification, which results in a porcelain that is noticeably dense and durable - ready to last many generations!

You'll love our charming ceramics by Boo Lee.  See them online or in person at The Depot!

Actual product may differ slightly from photograph as each one is handmade.

Measures 5"W x 2"H