Books - The 1965 Palm Sunday Tornadoes in Indiana

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Palm Sunday 1965 started as the nicest day of the year, the kind of weather that encouraged Hoosiers to get out in the sun, fire up the grill, hit the golf course or roll down their car windows and take a leisurely drive.  That evening, however, throughout northern and central Indiana, the sky turned an ominous black, and storms moved in, quickly manifesting as Indiana's worst tornado outbreak.  Within three hours, ti=wisters, some a half=mile wide, ripped through seventeen counties, devastating communities and leaving death and destruction in their wake.  When the tornadoes were finished with Indiana, 137 people were dead, hundreds were injured and thousands more were forever changed.  Author Janis Thornton reveals the stories of a day in Indiana like no other.

Author: Janis Thornton


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