Books - Haunted Tales from the Region - Dorothy Salvo Davis

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South Shore lights blaze through the night, warding off restless spirits that slink among shadows. Join paranormal researcher and author Dorothy Salvo Davis as she reveals the legends and ghouls that haunt this generally peaceful area. Journey to deceased pop legend Michael Jackson's home in Gary and experience a chill as the unexplained dances before you. Does a chimp's apparition play among the walkways and cages of the Washington Park Zoo? Dare to discover. And visit John Dillinger's ghostly gang hideout in Hammond and the uneasy Hoosiers of LaPorte, who suffer the shrieks emanating from wicked Bella Gunness' ever-tortured victims. Cut the lights at your own peril, because the ghouls of the South Shore won't soon find solace.

Dorothy Salvo Davis was born in Massachusetts. She spent her earliest years in New England and moved to south Florida when she was still a child. Raised in an Italian American family, Davis is very open-minded, and Fort Lauderdale's many cultures are reflected in her writing. Her first book, Ghost Stories of White County, set her on a path to document the paranormal. She is also the author of Haunted Lafayette and Broward County Florida Haunts. Having a true love for history, Davis feels that it is important to remember those who created the world as it is today. When researching the history of a paranormal site, she does so with respect for the location's past. Currently she resides variously in Indiana and south Florida with her husband and children. Watch for many great titles coming from this ambitious author"¦

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