Lisa Nordstrom - Earrings - Chicago Postmark

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Lisa Nordstrom doesn’t just make jewelry, she reconstructs memories. Memories triggered by everyday items like tea tins, band aid tins, cracker tins, retro tins, keys, game pieces and other found objects that she then turns from the mundane into something magical. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings that, while one of a kind, can reflect your own unique style.

A natural born gatherer, Lisa gathers vintage and discarded items to create not only whimsical jewelry but mixed media assemblages that tell stories, reflect on the human condition and relay the wonder and worries of life’s journeys,

Translucent Chicago postmark earrings handcrafted from pewter rings, ink, rice paper and resin. The postmark date is March 4, 1837, the year the city of Chicago was incorporated. Finished with silver plated surgical steel ear wires.

They measure approximately 1 inch in diameter.