Steve Skinner - Rimmed Platter in Serena Blue

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The colors in the glazes from Black Tree Studio are absolutely gorgeous. Although many potters are turning to using electric kilns for their ease of use, Steve Skinner retains the use of high fire, gas, reduction kilns. The science of what happens inside a gas reduction kiln and the resulting color palette is complex and demanding, but the science and the results support their aesthetic. They carefully select glazes not only to achieve desired colors but also to highlight the potter's hand, and the clay's color and texture. A successful sixteen hour firing will result in durable pottery with rich glaze colors that work well with the texture and color of the clay body.

This spectacular platter is a real statement piece that you'll want to display where you can enjoy it every day.  

Platter measures 16" - 18" in diameter.  Hand built.


Note: these are one of a kind pieces so the actual piece will differ slightly from the item pictured.